Moving Out of Office, Shop and Home

Skip Bins Brisbane

At various points in life, we make a major change, hopefully for the best. This change might be closing a business or moving to a new home. In any of these situations, there will be a considerable amount of rubbish to dispose of. The best means of dealing with this is a Skip Bin.

Skip bins come in various sizes. A medium to large skip bin will usually be enough to clear out the rubbish in an average home.

Larger Skip Bin
10 cubic meters – This is about the same space as 40 wheelie bin loads.

Medium Skip Bins
6 cubic meters – about 25 wheelie bins

Smaller Skip Bins
4 cubic meters – this is about 16 wheelie bins. An ideal size for clearing up the landscaping and large garden jobs, or perhaps moving out of an apartment.

There are much larger skip bins, including 21 and 31-cubic capacity bins, which are mostly used for industrial situations.

There are two critical aspects to consider when filling a skip bin. There is the physical size of the material, and there is the weight. Obviously, a skip bin full of bricks will weigh far more than the same skip bin full of branches and garden refuge.

We probably need not worry about weight issues if we only use a large or medium skip bin (6 to 10 cubic meters). These bins will be within the weight limits even if they are full of bricks.

Larger skip bins (12 cubic meters or more) will have a weight restriction of about 5 tonnes. This means they cannot be full of bricks and concrete. These larger Skip Bins are better suited to highly bulky material rather than heavy material. If we need to dispose of a large number of bricks then we should stay with skip Bins of 12 cubic meters or less, and perhaps make two trips.

Looking for Skip Bins in Brisbane?

A small, medium or large Skip Bin is usually enough to dispose of the rubbish when moving home or closing shop.

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