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For most of us, it is only on rare occasions that we must remove building materials. This is fortunate because when we do remove the bricks, concrete and heavy materials from buildings it is a major task. These things are seriously heavy.

Bricks are commonly used in buildings. They are reasonably cheap, relatively easy to work with and prove to be solid, durable, and long-lasting. The downside is that these heavy items are hard to dispose of, especially in large numbers.

What to do with bricks

Bricks can be reused. If we remove the concrete that helps the old brick structure together the individual bricks can often be recovered. They will not look especially great, but they are fine for projects like walls that will be covered in plaster, or a firepit, of the foundations for the garden shed. Some people paint old bricks and use them as a barrier around a flowerbed, or to make a garden path.

More often than not the old bricks will need to be disposed of. Certainly, the cement between the bricks will have to go. This is a challenge. We cannot just load them into the average family car, or even a trailer. They are too far heavy. So most people hire a skip bin.

Bricks in Rubbish Skips Brisbane

Skip bins are the best option for disposing of building materials. The trick is to find a skip bin of the right size. And there are two factors to consider here – physical bulk and weight.

– Smaller Skip Bins – 4 cubic meters

– Medium Skip Bins – 6 cubic meters

– Larger Skip Bin – 10 cubic meters and a weight limit of about 5 tonnes (metric)

– Industrial size – 21-32 cubic meters

A very larger skip bin might have enough physical space for your old bricks, but it runs the risk of being too heavy. Avoid this at all costs, because reloading it all into another skip bin is a daunting (and expensive) task.

Medium or perhaps larger skip bins should not be too heavy if filled with bricks. So consider using a medium skip bin, and perhaps making two trips. A skip bin of 10 cubic meters of less should be acceptable when filled with bricks.

Avoid loading wet material into skip bins. This adds to the weight.

Skip Bins Brisbane

A small, medium or large Skip Bin is a good option for disposing of bricks and building materials, or any bulky waste.

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