A Different Load of Rubbish

Skip Bins Brisbane.

We will occasionally need a skip bin in order to deal with a larger load of rubbish. Homes might do this on rare occasions when they have a spring cleaning, or have renovations. Some businesses, like builders, will hire a skip bin at the end of every project. Even white-collar IT companies might hire a skip bin at the end of the year to dispose of last year’s obsolete computer technology. We should take note of the different categories of rubbish, and how they should be disposed of.

Types of Waste – Rubbish Skips Brisbane

Medical Waste – There has been more of this recently because of the Covid-19 precautions. A great number of syringes for immunization shots and innumerable masks have to be disposed of. Masks from the general public can go in general waste. But masks from those knows to be ill, or from the staff treating them, need to be disposed of in a safe manner

Medical waste needs to be disposed of by a company that is certified to safely deal with this type of material. It is usually incinerated or sterilized by autoclave

Electrical Waste – We all use household appliances and probably computers and phones on a daily basis. These have a limited lifespan, usually a few years. After this time, they are disposed of.

Many modern electrical items contain rarer elements like gold or cadmium, often in small amounts. These need to be recycled. Some other elements in modern electronics can be hazardous, and need to be kept out of the environment. Even older electrical items like washing machines contain stainless steel, which is worth recycling.

Hazardous Waste – This is anything toxic to humans or the environment. Anything form motor oil to pesticides can be extremely harmful. Fluro lights and aerosol cans are also harmful. Look for a local disposal centre for these items.

Green Waste – This is garden waste, plans law clippings, as well as vegetables and food scraps that will decompose after a moderate period of time. 99% of the time this can be put in the green bin collected by the local council rubbish collectors. If you have a large amount of green waste to dispose of in a short time you can hire a skip bin

Demolition Waste – This is heavy material, such as bricks, pipes and cement. This can often be put to use in construction (crushed and put under roadways). Timber can be reused or turned in compost. Glass is easy to recycle.

Rubbish Skips Brisbane

Hire a skip bin in Brisbane for any large-scale rubbish disposal. A convenient way to get rid of all the rubbish in one load.


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